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Ayurvedic Menu
Abhyangam Abhyangam This is a traditional massage which uses medicated oils to tone up the body. This improves blood circulation, glorifies the skin, promotes vitality and reduces fatigue & pain and act as a rejuvenating treatment. (45 Mins: 700)
(60 Mins: 900)
Abhyangam with Pack Abhyangam Which helps in cleansing the skin along with massage. (60 Mins: 1000)
(75 Mins: 1200)
Ayurvedic Special Massage Ayurvedic Special Massage This is a special ayurvedic massage which relieves stress and tension. The massage is beneficial in blood circulation, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and use of marma points is the integral part of this massage. (60 mins: 1100)
(75 Mins: 1300)
Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage Which relaxed and soothes the tired muscles and entire body. (30 Mins: 400)
(45 mins: 600)
Foot Massage Foot Massage Relieve stress, strain, strengthens the legs & promotes good sleep. (30 Mins: 400)
(45 Mins: 600)
Back Massage Back Massage A good back massage can help relieve lower back pain. After a strenuous workout or sitting at a desk all day, your back muscles are likely to be tense from overuse or repetitive use. (30 Mins: 400)
(45 Mins: 600)
Lepam Lepam This is a treatment in which a medicated herbal paste is applied all over the entire body, Slightly massaged and allowed to dry. It is then removed using a special technique which cleanses the body & leaves the muscles revitalized & flexible. (40 Mins: 700)

Ayurvedic Treatment
Elakizhi In this treatment herbal leaves, herbs or herbal powder are used in the form of bolouses with medicated oil & simultaneously massaged to the specific part or whole body. Beneficial in chronic back pain, loss of functions or whole limb joint stiffness & swellings, muscular pain, anti-aging & rejuvenating, spondilitis, sprain & cramps. (45 Mins: 800)
Shirodhara Special medicated oil is poured on the forehead continuously for a specific duration. It is a most relaxing treatment, It helps relieving stress, strain, generate sleep, relief from Headache, Migraine. Very effective for insomnia, depression, rejuvenates mental & physical stress and provide deep sleep. Very effective after a massage. (45 Mins: 900)
Udvartana This is a specialized herbal treatment in which herbal powder is applied all over the body & deeply massaged. It tones up the skin & reduces fats, impart good complexion to the skin and removes toxins from the body (45 Mins: 800)
Nasyam This is effective for kapha related toxins from the para-nassal sinuses.Excellent remedy for sinusitis, headache, throat disease, migraine, voice constraint, eye disease and cervical spondylitis. (500/-)
Kati Basti Lukeworm herbal oil is poured over the back region for specific duration against Lumber spondylitis, Longstanding back pain & sciatica. (800/-)
Janu Basti In this treatment the knee is bathed in worm medicated oils. It promotes the strength of the knee joints by improving the circulation. (700/-)

Western Menu
Sweedish Massage Clams & energizes the body and mind. (40 Mins: 1000)
Refexology Specialized thumb & finger techniques are applied to the feet corresponding to all body parts including major organs, pressure are applied to accupoints, which are interrelated to the organs in the body. Beneficial in relieving pain alleviating the source of pain. (45 Mins: 1000)
Deep Tissue Massage Relax your mind & body, while deep tissue treatment worms & soothes the muscles, improves range of motion &releases toxins that gather in tired & overworked muscles. (45 mins: 1200)
(60 Mins: 1500)
Aromatherapy This is an aromatic & most relaxing massage with a selection of three blended oils. Using a combination of strokes & relaxing techniques, this soothing & gentle massage allow the healing properties of these natural oils to penetrate into the skin leaving you relax with a sense of total well being. (60 Mins: 1200)(75 Mins: 1500)
Aromatherapy Lepam (75 Mins: 1700) (90 Mins: 1800)
Bamboo Massage It is done by using bamboo stick, which is safe & effective for stress management, it widely beneficial to reduce low back pain, circulatory problems, Leg aches, Neck & Shoulder pain. (60 Mins: 1500)
Hot Stone Massage It is a speciality Massage where uses he smooth heated stones as an extension of thier hands or by placing them on the key points of the body .The Heat can be both deeply relaxing & help worm up & tight muscles. It is a good way to manage stress, muscles relaxation, improves health condition, better sleep, relives pain, improves blood circulation & flow of easy rehabilitation. (60 Mins: 1500)

Beauty Treatment
Fresh Fruit Scrub Helps in cleansing, Softens and glorifies the skin. (75 Mins: 1200)
Herbal Body Polish / Scrub This is an exotic treatment for the skin as fresh & natural products are used which will help in giving a luxuries feelings as well as it keeps the skin hydrated & soft. (75 Mins: 1300)
Ayurveda Body Polish It helps to make your mind feel energizes, invigorated fresh and your skin soft, exfoliated, clean and radiant and fragrant. (75 Mins: 1500)
Body Butter Scrub Massage Stimulates & relaxes the body and mind, the skin, blood & lymphatic system are stimulated which boost circulation (90 Mins: 1800)
Chocolate Beauty Treatment A Chocolate Walnut Body Scrub + Chocolate Body Mousse + Hydrating Chocolate body mask. The pure natural cocoa chocolate which has antioxident properties to make the skin look pure, clean and healthy, at the same time it moisturizes and nourishes the skin to face the impacts of everyday problems like pollution & stress. (90 Mins: 1800)

Body wrap
Herbal / Aroma / Coconut Its sure to refresh and tone your skin to make it clean, pure and glowing to give a fantastic toned and smooth skin feel. (40 Mins: 800)

Face Care
Mix fruit / Biotique 600/-
Herbal / Vit-E 800/-
Aroma Therapy / Fresh Fruit Facial 1000/-
Chocolate & Roses / Wine Facial 1200/-
Spa Special / Ayurveda 1500/-

Hair Care for Ladies
Hair Cut 300/-
Shampoo / Conditioning 400/-
Deep Conditioning 500/-
Blow Dry 500/-
Restyling 600/-
Roll Set 500/-
Hair Spa 1000-1500/-
Hair Braiding 500-1000/-
Ironing 500-1000/-
Highlighting 1000-1500/-
Highlighting 1000-1500/-
Hair Colouring 800-1500/-
Heena Designing 300/-& above

Hair Care for Gents
Hair Cut 150/- & above
Shaving 100/- & above-

Hair Care for Gents
Hair Cut 150/- & above
Shaving 100/- & above-

Eyebrows /Upperlips / Forehead / Chin 50
Full Face 200

Under Arms 200
Arms / Half Legs 300
Full Legs / Bikini Line 500

Nail care
Cut / File / Polish 300
Royal Manicure 600
Royal Pedicure 700
Crystal Manicure 800
Crystal Pedicure 1000
Nail Art Designing 600


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